03 April 2008

The Great Animal Troopers

The power of blogs has gathered not only human writings and traffic but also of animals and their human friends and slaves (that's how they refer to their "staff" who does the encoding, photography, layout and design, etc. of their award-winning blogs) . . .

This great picture captures the amazing work of technology and how creative minds and hearts can indeed do something great by working like a community. My hounds are part of a large community of animal networks: more than 20,000 dogs and cats in one site, 5,000 animals in one, and almost a thousand dogs who blogs. Yes, my hounds are part of an active, fun, caring social network! They sure beat me since I do not have a friendster, facebook, myspace, multiply, etc. accounts! This is also a reminder that when you see my profile in any of those sites that was not owned nor created by me.

The great army of troopers has grown outside of these initial helmet-wearing animals and has always tried to extend a helping paw, cuddly ears and wagging tails to all urgent calls for help in locating lost and missing animals, comforting the sick and the dying, and encourage their care and protection. Their growing and active community tells us that animals are part of the bigger chain that fuels the world of living beings. They have united from all over the world in making a difference in people and animal lives!

Look at all of them! They are all GOOD TO GO!
And I join my hounds and all of them in rocking the world!

The photograph collage was created by Greg Lee for dogswithblogs.com.au who owns the copyright for its use.