03 April 2008

Picasso on my Mind

Doing a study of a Master's work is a great exercise in art appreciation and craftsmanship. And doing a study work of Picasso is one of the most enjoyable experience because in the process of capturing the great artist's handling of lines, form and color you get to understand the genius behind such a great work. The only downside is if you are working on a picture that does not capture his exact colors. You missed out on the artist's great eye for color and you missed out on the adventure and fun behind the work.

Below is the picture provided by a friend which was not printed well. It is the painting of Picasso's The Dream. The study is basically for a children's painting workshop so the line drawing must be executed at a calculated period and technique.

. . . and the finished work using acrylic paint and one ordinary flat brush done in a day:

Another of Picasso's great works which captures three musicians is a favorite study for children because they love to discover fun hidden details (do you see the dog?), textures, amazing colors (again the picture did not print well) and Picasso's amazing skill in cubism.

Children enjoy and appreciate the genius behind such great masterpieces when they actually try their hands in capturing it. Truly a priceless experience . . .