26 May 2008


This May, I started conducting a fun, discovery playshop for Twenty(20) visiting foreigners. From two to three times a week, I designed fun line drawings exercises, colorplay, theaterplay, mime and music play, art appreciation and history of Philippine Visual Arts, visits to museums, art spaces and studios and mostly, a lot of playtime and storytelling fun moments. We were short of having sleepovers and camping time which they were pestering me all week to do with them. The participants were children from ages 3 to 10 years old plus their parents!

I missed their Palawan, Ilocos, Quezon and Laguna tours which I organized. And I knew I will miss their New York tour which I was again invited to join! It is quite difficult for me to simply pack my bags when I have some commitments to attend to.

The Colorplay Module was fun.
Done in messy oil pastels, the kids had fun exploring the color wheel, theories and techniques. I designed a whirlwind movement exercise for children to enjoy color blending and practice tonal values. Here are some of their plates:

Primary ColorWheel
Diego Torrecampo, age 5

The Rainbow Wheel
Dominique Lemond, age 6

The Warm Colors
Antonio Molino, age 7

The Cool Colors
Priscilla Martinez, age 5

Black and White Wheel
Isabella Trinidad, age 5

. . . and their Sea Creatures ColorPlay using Oil Pastel on Paper:

Tub Fish by Dominique Lemond, age 6

Sea Bass by Federico Sta. Maria, age 7

Sea Horse by Angelo Monserrat, age 7

Parrot Fish by Francesca Guevarra, age 8

Catalufa by Brigitte Smith, age 6

Four-Winged Flying Fish by Duanne Burke, age 7

More photos in the coming post . . .