26 May 2008

Forum: A Conversation with Tony Twigg

…Of timber constructions, enamel paint & Standing Sticks

Tony Twigg’s artworks have the capacity to expand the way we look at forms; to broaden our preconceptions of what painting and sculpture can be and how we look at objects. Over his 15-year engagement with the Philippine art scene, gallery-goers have become accustomed to his organic timber constructions. Twigg will tell us his affair with timbers, enamel paints and interest at the sensation of space.

Tony Twigg
has produced over 40 solo exhibitions as well as installation, performance and film works. He received a Master of Visual Arts from the Sydney College of Advanced Education in 1985. He has shown in Australia, America, Italy, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines. In 1995 Twigg began dividing his time between Sydney and Manila and in 2005 spent a year in Malaysia. Last year, he made three large-scale private commissions in Singapore. In 2009 a book on Twigg’s 15-year engagement with Southeast Asia will be published in Malaysia. Twigg is represented in major collections in Australia and Manila including the National Gallery of Australia, the Queensland Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and the Ateneo Art Gallery, Manila.


31 May 2008
Saturday, 2-5 PM
Galleria Duemila, Philippines.
This event is Open to the Public.
For seat reservations, please call the gallery:
(+632) 831-9990 & (+632) 833-9815
or email: duemila@mydestiny.net