17 October 2008

An Artist Talk With Ann Wizer

INVISIBLE (Unseen People, Unseen Waste)
October 25, 2008, 2:30 PM
Galleria Duemila, Pasay, Philippines

This is not about garbage. Nor is this simply about "ART" made from garbage. Garbage is the fact, the starting point, the given in our consumerist equation, but we need to go beyond it and examine the crux of the problem.

So says Ann Wizer, Internationally acclaimed installation artist and social activist, "the real issues are the intertwined politics of trash and poverty, and how they stem from irresponsible corporate and other partial agendas."

Poverty and waste have become invisible to us, to the point that we can no longer see who or what is around us. How then can we manage the disconnect, of our being removed from our surroundings, the “stuff” of our lives, and from other people?

The vision of the INVISIBLE Institute is to teach simple, income-generating traditional skills (i.e crocheting) to marginalized women like mothers and grandmothers from Manila’s urban poor areas while calling attention to unnoticed yet potentially useful waste.

In her artist talk, Wizer will talk about the role of the artist in communities, and the continually evolving INVISIBLE Institute.

The women of the INVISIBLE Institute will auction off their products (handbags, hats, etc.) at this event.

The artist talk and auction are on a limited seat arrangement.
Please call Galleria Duemila for reservations: (632) 8319990