12 October 2008

CO SI E LA VITA (Such Is Life)

Bancomat is a small time swindler, "specialized" in credit cards. One morning, he was transferred to the courthouse by a young policeman, a frustrated aspiring writer. By chance, he gets disarmed by the inmate and becomes his hostage. Meantime, another young man, an aspiring toy inventor wants to report that his car is stolen, but he is taken hostage as well. The situation comes to a head: another police vehicle takes note of the matter and goes on the pursuit. All kinds of things happen: the pursued are presumed dead in a car's explosion, they find themselves asleep in a cemetery and take the clothes from a corpse. They meet a girl . . . a special one who will change their life. They continue their journey together and they become friends, finding out in the end that . . . nothing is as it seems! Such is life!

Watch this 1998 comedy directed by Aldo Giovanni E Giacomo, starring Aldo, Marina Massironi, Giacomo and Giovanni, on the big screen with the ongoing Italian Filmfest at the CCP Dream Theater, Roxas Boulevard, Manila. Two screenings on October 14 at 4 PM and at 7PM.