11 April 2009

A Creative Exercise with Letter S

S stands for Sweepy!

Sweepy, the SuperDog!!!

Sweepy, the Smart, Sexy, Sociable . . .

. . . SuperSarcastic . . . Stressed-out . . . Sour-faced . . .

. . . yet unbelivably Sweet and Stylish SuperDog!!!

My dog Sweepy is quite popular that he gets more mails than any of us! His photographs and stories are also in demand for picture books, posters, shirts and lately, for textile prints! Well, since he is a community icon to help focus awareness for the plight and welfare of animals, it is understandable that some individuals and groups would refer to his site for assistance and inspiration. Sweepy's SuperDog exploits are now being used as effective tools to help communities focus on the importance of Republic Act 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act.

The design draft above is a fun sample doodle for an animal scarf!
Believe it or not, it is purrfectly directed no less by Sweepy!