11 April 2009

The Art of Mailing Rocks!

My hounds wanted to share and send some of their rocks to their friend Pedro in the United States who is compiling them to fill up a glass center table in their house. Yes, you read that right. Oh, I am sure your pet animals have similar requests and your job would be to facilitate most, if not all, of these requests.

So, this is our glass rock collection:

And these are the rocks that my hounds have chosen to send and share with Pedro:

That is the look you get when you tell them it might not be possible to send them. Well, I did say might. Well, some animals can't take no for an answer.
Mine can't.
Not if you can bear to see that look all week.
I can't.

The Post Office people took one suspicious look at the rocks and asked a hundred questions. You see, it is not easy to send anything by mail across the world. I once tried to send bagoong in a bottle for a friend who live abroad and was denied by the courier until we found out an enterprising Pinoy who was able to ship and sell them, with free delivery mind you! (Note: The yummy BarrioFiesta bagoong is now in cans which is perfect for picnics, and yes, even for pasalubong!)

So my job (I am referred to as The Keeper) is to make sure the rock gifts get sent to Pedro. This requires a little work with handmade paper PLUS blu-tack (oh, that recyclable piece of gum-like glue which you use to paste anything and be able to remove it later without damaging the object!) and the Post Office lady gave it a once over and gave me a wry smile and sealed the envelope! To be honest, the Post Office staff knew all the hounds in heaven since they deliver mails and parcels to the hounds regularly!

Now, cross our paws that this card will reach Pedro and the rocks will be part of Pedro's center table and join the rest of the rocks sent by Pedro's friends around the world!