13 April 2009

Workshop Season!

Yes, it is workshop season once again. I looked at my schedules and I worry a little. I wanted to devote only three days a week for workshops but now it seems I am swamped with requests which may eat up my whole week! That would mean I have to leave the hounds everyday! This is not easy especially when you have hounds that can not be together since the father dog bullies his pups so the hounds alternate being out every two hours!

I looked at my pending file and saw several grant proposals and art projects that needs to be reviewed and attended to since last January. I finished only half and there were so many deadlines that I was not able to complete :-( . . . not to mention that I help manage several blogs as a study.

I told the hounds not to add to the load. If you have problems understanding animals who lead busy lives, then stop reading from here because my hounds schedules are as busy as mine! They have bark pawties to attend, competitions to join, animal friends who needs help, gifts to send, plus they do have their own creative projects, not to mention their stressful daily schedule which often disrupt my own work. Not that I'm complaining. I love my hounds and I love my work. The unbearable heat however demands more attention for panting hounds, even cross-breed mutts! The weather makes everybody dopey and we often find ourselves staring into each other's glaring eyes!


I will be doing the CreativeKids painting workshop for Bambi Manosa Tanjutco in Ayala Alabang from April 21 to May 14. The theme for this year's CreativeKidsWorkshop is Masters Works. So I am culling works by Master Artists and presenting styles for art appreciation and hands-on study. Instead of kids ages 9 to 12, Bambi will open the workshop for kids and adults! My schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4-5:30 PM for 8 sessions. Exhibit will be sometime in May. Please eMail me if you want to register for this.

I have morning sessions every Tuesdays and Thursdays for a group in Makati so I'm putting the rest for Wednesday and Friday afternoon sessions beginning next week. Please coordinate your schedules by eMailing them to me. I am keeping the weekends free for community work.

The picture above is taken from my session with a special student Ignacio. I enjoy working with Nats because he has amazing stories with his lines and his colors reflect his moods. I learned to read "danger" signs from his works. When Nat's colors are erratic I signal for his caregiver Rey, who would sometimes join us for painting sessions. Nat had two seizures during those moody periods. I feel challenged using art as therapy. I hope my sessions with Ignacio will help him heal and relieve him from any stress.

And here's a gift for my readers: I will be doing a step-by-step session on visual art modules on this site for you to join and participate in. Since this is a study, please share your work with me by eMail. I hope to have an exhibition of works from this activity.

It is summer in Manila now.
And yes, it is workshop season.
Have fun with art and find yourself!