04 May 2009


a solo exhibit by Lindsey James Lee
May 5 - 30, 2009
Galleria Duemila, Pasay, Philippines

In the exhibit, the viewer is introduced to a jumble of hues zigzag of lines, enervated fields of gray that are explosive with tonal varieties, occasionally concealing or revealing geometric details and bands of color. Abstract in quality but conceptual in their assertions, the paintings and the installation art create an uninterrupted evocation of discordance, the lyrical outbursts manifested into gestural strokes jostling with the mathematical precision lines.

"I tried to project cliche motif and typical shapes, combining them with ordinary pictures and color combinations" says the artist of his project.

The point, he adds, is not to evoke a notion of beauty but to seek those places that are pregnant with the possibility of change and signification: the cocoon after the butterfly. By encountering a disruption in the works, the viewer is unhinged from his usual expectations and comes into terms with how disorder serves as the readying platform for a cohesive reality.

Because the works are necessarily unyielding and not "pleasing to the eye," the artist hopes that the viewer will negotiate the tumult of color and achieve a kind of engagement at once inevitable and ineffable.

His hard works has been rewarded the first place (Mixed Media Category) in the Annual Fine Art Show in Long Beach, New York (2001); an Honorable Mention in the Painting Category of the Arts Association of Philippines at the GSIS Museum (2003), and 1st Honorable Mention from the Art Society of Old Greenwich Flinn Gallery, Greenwich, Connecticut (2002); Honorable Mention, Painting Category, The Arts Association of the Philippines, GSIS Museum (2003) and Finalist, Ateneo Art Awards, Ateneo de Manila, Philippines (2004).