05 July 2009

Don't Throw Away That Broken Fan!

The DIY Fan Project

Yes! Don't throw anything you can still restore, recycle, repair and reuse. Like this broken fan:

The humid weather in the Philippines always made me carry a fan. Even if I don't bring a bag (I prefer to just bring my apron when I conduct art workshops) I always tuck my fan inside my apron's pocket. It is always handy most especially when you have to commute and squeeze yourself inside an FX van. Even if it is air-conditioned, the van can get stuffy when the driver tries to squeeze too many passengers than what is allowable. So I fan myself to cool off after complaining and threatening the FX drivers! Suffice it to say, my fan can only take so much!

For this broken fan, I decided to use a black cloth instead. I outlined the fan on an old newspaper and used the newspaper pattern on the black cloth:

. . . to make this:

Then glue the cloth on the wooden frame:

Now paint the whole thing. I used black all over to give it a new look!

I now treat the black cloth like a blank canvas where I can paint anything.

Nothing fancy. Just some action painting.
And my old fan is now ready for use!
Hmmm, not bad . . .

Now to test the fan on my hounds:

. . . a test captured on video! Haha!

Hmmm, I think my hounds like it!

And here's another DIY fan project:

. . . but this time restored using handmade paper!

Yes, I have a lot of broken stuff waiting to be restored. Now if only I can find the time and space to work on all of them!