31 October 2010

5-minute Mountain Drawing!

This demo took only five minutes and can be done even by kids as young as 3 years old! Of course I demo fast so it allows more time for the kids to draw and color on their own. It is a perfect exercise for teaching basic drawing (triangles and landscape for this session!) and basic coloring and shading. This demo focuses on the colors brown and blue and how these two colors can be blended with other colors like green (to make the distant waters appear deep and far (remember dark colors recede) and with gray (to make the clouds look puffy) and also as a bonus, you can incorporate the fast and easy way of painting by simply using a wet brush to blend the dry colors! To achieve this I use my handy watercolor pencils (they can be applied in darker vivid tones!) which fits inside my workshop apron's pocket!

And the finished work in 5 minutes:

And another minute to apply wet brush on one half of the drawing (for comparison)

The ideal paper would be watercolor paper (I use only the back of an ordinary sketch pad for this which made the drawing on the back side reflect on this drawing ;-o)

This Mountain drawing exercise is upon the request of a teacher in Singapore named Krislin of Syracuse Pike! Goodluck Ms. Ting.