18 March 2011

Clock Doodles

Chiara, age 5

Caryn, age 7

Calla, age 9

A great exercise for kids to do illustrations from verbal instructions: make a rectangle, add a circle in the middle, put a dot in the middle of the circle, write 12 on the upper top of the dot, 6 on the lower part, and so on . . . It is like a test in how well they understand and take instructions. The numerical sequence of 12 establish the visual memory of the clock sequence, then 6 below situates the half part, then 3 and 9 immediately makes spatial decisions follow. Of course, the decorative elements is the student's own creative spirit at work. I love doing clock projects! Too bad I was not able to document the works of the 3 year old! It is difficult to document and at the same time facilitate sessions in a room full of kids ages 3 to 12 in the same session.