29 May 2011

CreativeKids Exhibit!

The CreativeKids studio of Bambi Manosa had the annual exhibition of the workshop students plates held at her parents house, the National Artist Architect Bobby and Denise Manosa, in Ayala Alabang this afternoon. This year's workshop focused on Asia as a theme and the kids were treated to sessions focusing on scenes, objects, traditions and customs in Asia. Bambi designed and facilitated sessions using assemblage and constructions to explore a child's creativity and passion for play. Thus, the workshop plates were created like puzzle pieces that a child must piece together for every session and assembled to address scenes like the boat vendors, bear in the woods, lizards and peacocks, costumes, etc.

The steps leading down to the silong (basement) where the exhibit starts.

In June 2011, Bambi will open her formal studio at the Alabang Town Center where year-round workshops like these will be available for children and even adults right at the mall!

The steps leading to the garden/lawn where a giant tent was erected (it was a rainy day!) for the theater performance and a short program was held:

The CreativeKids studio is also open for events management like children's parties and provide creatives like art kits and murals upon request. Contact them: creativekidsart@gmail.com