01 June 2011

Macro Drawings of Mini Ceramics

Angelica, age 7
Drawing is one of the basic elements in creative workshops. By putting your ideas on paper using illustrations a lot of great works of art are created, refined and produced in the medium of painting, printmaking, sculpture, architecture (includes furniture and furnishings for interiors), film and theater (set designs, etc.), fashion and jewelry, and a lot of exciting ideas that must be given form, and possibly function, for it to be meaningful and relevant.

Elen Joy, age 15
In the drawing workshop I designed and conducted for Bambi Manosa's CreativeKids this summer one of the fun but tiring exercises (yes, drawing can be both fun and tiring) is the use of small objects that must be magnified several times on the student's sketchpad to highlight lines and form (a great math exercise too!), and to exercise tonal values (the shading technique is a great exercise to heighten skills in perspective, depth analysis, pencil/pen application, etc.) and enhance their artistic flair.

Natasha, age 11

Sabrina, age 15

Part of the students works on the drawing workshop I facilitated for CreativeKids as exhibited last May 29. More on the exhibit in the last post!