06 July 2011

Children's Art

Lex, age 6, was one of my students at CreativeKids last summer. Lex spent his vacation in Manila and saw the CreativeKids hands-on session on TV and decided to spend the remaining week of his vacation learning to draw and paint!

Lex made a macro Hibiscus (painting a detail of an actual flower), fruits in a bowl (one of the best and basic ways of teaching colors), an imagined scenery outside of a window, and capturing the image of an actual bird! Lex's father expressed his initial reservation about Lex's capability to draw and paint and this type of apprehension is shared by many parents and adults. An art workshop would quickly dispel such notions because everybody has the capability to express his world in the art medium that he wanted and is most comfortable with: visual, literary or the performing arts, including arts and crafts (creative projects like toy boxes, bedroom lamp, clocks, painted shirts, etc.)

I promised Lex and his father, who observed the sessions, that I will feature Lex in my blog so here it is, Lex. I am sorry if this came late though. And I hope and wish that you are now doing more fun and artistic renderings of your world and keep us posted about it ;-)